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Written on 29.2.12, 11:50 PM

I forgot to mention..
New blog. In Norwegian!

This way!
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is that a nude!?

Written on 22.1.12, 2:48 PM

I'm in the process of switching over to blogging in Norwegian. I'm not going to do it here, though. I say in the process, because I'm too lazy to finish the layout. Will post link here when I'm all done.
Will probably continue blogging here, now and then. Mostly pictures, I guess.
Also.. my lips look like huge pillows..

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it's 2012 already?

Written on 8.1.12, 6:20 PM

I've sucked at blogging lately, because I haven't really felt like it. So here's a pic dump.


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Black Milk, Cats & Snow

Written on 21.12.11, 1:11 PM

my body has a weird shape.

Written on 12.12.11, 3:39 PM

I should smile more in pictures.

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